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Oreos and ingredient adaptation


Everyone knows what an Oreo cookie is supposed to be like, round, black and white, and intensely sweet, and it has not changed for 100 years. But sometimes even the most iconic product has to adapt.

In 1996 in China the company launched a clone of the American version with little success. The problem? Too much contrast between the sweet cream and the bitter cookie. If you didn’t grow up with Oreos, it can be weird-tasting.

Chinese division of Kraft of rethinking what the essence of an Oreo really is. They made it less sugary and it started to sell.

They continued to expand ideas by asking questions:

Why should it be black and white?

  • Oreo with green tea filling
  •  Oreo divided between mango and orange flavor.


Why should an Oreo be round?

  • Developed Oreos shaped like straws and others shaped like a long rectangular Oreo wafer.


Product adaptation of Oreos in China

The video above is a short documentary made by CNBC explaining Oreo’s strategy for success in the Chinese market and a good example regarding how you can think adapting your product to the foreign market.


  1. nickjqz says:

    This is really interesting! Thanks!

  2. Sarah Blakin says:

    What?!! I want to try the green tea flavored oreos

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